About Dóra Juhász

She solely paints. In the same sense as the half of that acknowledged individuals of the universal painterly tradition who lose themselves – in an intimate, inwardly manner – in the peculiarities of the act of painting. As a form of submerging, sinking into the distant confines of the soul and spirit, from where only the metaphysical and inklings that touch upon the very foundations of existence may surface. This submerging or rather reemerging that reinforces the physical application of the visual signs seems toilsome and cheerful at the same time – similar when cats give birth: they become exhausted, however, they purr during the labor. 
The distinctiveness of Dóra Juhász’s lyrical abstract paintings is the usage of patterns. These are entities splitting the mellow but unsettling sensuality of the background, repeated in an almost orderly mode, mostly helical, oval forms in a non-expressive style and certainly not in an expressionist manner, searching their places in the composition. They are not floating in the background nor in front of it, instead they are woven into it without being absorbed. As if these were the exits for the aforementioned submergings.  
Tamás Jovánovics 
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