On the works of Dora Juhász

Liberally manipulated, homogeneous surfaces – occasionally with brushstrokes and drips of paint that reveal the directin of the paints application – mark the spaces which receive Dorka Juhász’s schemetically arranged motifs.
Iridescent blobs, which simultaniously suggest positive and negative forms , are positioned in an apparent grid-like structure over what is often a neutrally coloured background. We may see truly additive, organically conceived formations which sensitively reveal the „errors” occuring in the system, errors that arrest our gaze and direct our attention  towards the individual within the species.
One cannot close the door on the biological associations found in Dorka Juhász’s paintings.
The blobs, which have their own little living space and aura, strongly remind us of microscopic organisms placed on an object-slide; however non of this is prortrayed from an analytic or didactic perspective, as the forms define themselves due to the direct tecnique of painting. 
Tha fluctuating character of these blobs does not allow the observer to get too close or too distant, as one simultaneously attemts to penetrate and receive, depending on whether the spectacle is interpreted as an hiatus, a gap, a passage, or an object that has manifested itself directly from its environment.
We may simultaneously discover elements that are tragic, and ones that lead towards entropy in the works, as well as the joyous, buoyant, and creative energies of life’s origins. 
It is the simultaneous presence of these seemingly opposite qualities that lend Dora Juhasz’s paintings their magnetic attraction. Through their endless permutations  they conjure up images of different memories, and thus a spotted summer dress appears side by side with pock marks, and the archaism of stout pots from the village of Rév appears alongside the winking faces of holograms on postcards.
Halmi-Horváth István 
2005. Catalogue of Juhász Dóra
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